Request for Proposal:

Collaborative Applicant

The Missouri Balance of State Continuum of Care Board of Directors is soliciting proposals for the role of CoC Lead Agency for 2020 – 2022 (contingent upon successful annual evaluation). The RFP Workgroup of the Mo BoS CoC Board will receive the applications, review and then provide the top three proposals to the full MO BoS CoC Board for review and final approval.

Click here to read the full RFP. Proposals are due November 1, 2019 at 12:00 pm Central Daylight Time.

Questions submitted regarding the MO BoS CoC Lead Agency RFP:


  • Will there be additional funding available outside of the HUD Planning Grant to support this statewide initiative?

  • If so, please indicate the amount of funding available and when/if the funds would be available January 1?

  • Can a 10% Administrative Fee be assessed for contracted funds for BOS activities?

  • Is it allowable to contract with an outside entity to complete the annual HUD CoC Collaborative Application?



  • How many staff members are currently working directly with the BOS and can you share their job descriptions?

  • How often do staff visit each region?


Coordinated Entry

  • Is the funding for BOS Coordinated Entry under this contract?

  • Will MHDC continue to oversee the Coordinated Entry Network Initiative?

  • Where do the funds originate and does the BOS Governing Board oversee the policies and procedures of distribution?

  • Is there a separate grant process for CENI –Are there funds available for implementation?





The RFP should not be submitted to MHDC. It will be submitted to the MO BoS CoC RFP workgroup through The MO BoS CoC Workgroup will review and make recommendations to the Board for selection of a Lead Agency. MHDC is not involved in selecting the Lead Agency for the MO BoS CoC.



Currently, there is not any funding outside of the HUD CoC Planning Grant to support the MO BoS CoC. The Planning Grant supports all administrative activities and associated fees for the MO BoS CoC. MHDC has not had the ability to apply for other funds to support the CoC. (They cannot apply for their own funding such as CENI.) The MO BoS CoC Board is looking for an applicant that will have the capability of applying for various funds on behalf of the MO BoS CoC. There is nothing that prohibits the Collaborative Applicant from using a consultant to prepare and complete the annual HUD CoC application.



Currently, MHDC as the MO BoS CoC Lead Agency usually employees two FTEs for the work of the MO Bos CoC. We do not have their current job descriptions. Please review the Attachments in the RFP, Scope of Work and Planning Grant Budget, for insight into job descriptions.


MHDC Lead Agency Staff currently visit the HUD CoC funded agencies throughout the BoS Regions once annually for monitoring. They attend/staff various committees in person and by phone. Typically Board, Bi-Annual CoC full membership and Committee meetings are held in central MO.


Coordinated Entry:

The MO BoS CoC has no funding for Coordinated Entry Activities. All efforts are volunteer by participating agencies. As mentioned above the MO BoS CoC has not had the ability to apply for funding other than the HUD Planning Grant. MHDC will not have any oversight of the MO BoS Coordinated Entry System. That is the responsibility of the Board through the Coordinated Entry Committee as established in the MO BoS CoC Governance Charter.