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Request for Proposals - CoC Lead Agency

The Missouri Balance of State Continuum of Care Board of Directors is soliciting proposals for the role of CoC Lead Agency for 2020 – 2022 (contingent upon successful annual evaluation). The RFP Workgroup of the Mo BoS CoC Board will receive the applications, review and then provide the top three proposals to the full MO BoS CoC Board for review and final approval.

Click here to read the full RFP. Proposals are due November 1, 2019 at 12:00 pm Central Daylight Time.

Missouri Balance of State Board of Directors

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New Board Member Training

Organization Chart

Structure and  Governance

How to Govern a Geographically Diverse CoC

Region Map


Mo BoS CoC Approved Documents & Policies

Governance Charter Updated 11/29/18- Download

Education Policy - Download

Anti-discrimination Policy 8/22/19 - Download

Moving On Strategy - Download

Letter of Support, Letter of Participation, Memorandum of Understanding Requests - Download

Performance Improvement Policy - Download

HMIS Policies and Procedures - Download

Mo BoS CoC Approved Coordinated Entry Documents & Policies

Policies and Procedures- Download

Written Standards- Download

Order of Priority Policy - Download

Violence Against Women Act Emergency Transfer Plan - Download


Balance of State Continuum of Care Committees​

Coordinated Entry Committee

Chair: LeAndra Bridgeman

Co-chair: Amy Hopper

Grants Committee

Chair: Steve Hollis

Co-chair: Tracey Poston ​


  • Rank and Review

Membership Committee

Chair: Rachel Francis

Co-chair: Ann Gosnell

Performance Committee

Chair: Rhonda Meyer

Co-chair: Vacant


  • Point-in-Time Count​

Special Populations Committee

Chair: Martha Sander

Co-chair: Vacant



Regional Meetings and Contacts

For information about regional CoC meetings, review the regional meeting schedule or contact your Regional Coordinated Entry Lead below. Find your region here.

Region Maps


Region 1


Region 2


Region 3


Region 4


Region 5


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Region 7


Region 8


Region 9


Region 10


Gaps Analysis and Other Reports


Gaps Analysis

HomeBase: Mo BoS CoC Gaps Analysis Update 2019

HomeBase: Mo BoS CoC Gaps Analysis Report 2018

Case Management Analysis - 2019