The Performance Committee

Meets the 2nd Friday of each month at 10:00am.  Contact for information.  


Responsible for managing/monitoring aspects of the BoS CoC work related to data and performance. This may include, but is not limited to monitoring system performance measures, APR reports, HMIS data quality, HIC/PIT data, ESG data, and data related to project ranking.

Purpose and Responsibilities:

  1. The committee works with staff/agencies within the BoS CoC, the HMIS Lead Agency, software vendor, and stakeholders to begin discussing and implement data sharing, centralized intake and assessment, and to review data quality for the entire CoC

  2. Provide feedback on the annual HIC, AHAR and HDX submissions and works to recruit additional non-HUD funded programs/housing to become HMIS users

  3. Complete an ESG recipient evaluation annually

  4. Create/update Data Quality Framework and other HMIS documents (HMIS Agency partnership agreements, Privacy/Security plan, etc.) in collaboration with the HMIS Lead

  5. Ensures the Mo BoS CoC Board is aware of all new data related HUD requirements (System Performance Measures, HMIS, APR, HIC/PIT, etc.)